Lenco, International, provides many useful services to our clients, including:

  1. New equipment installation, service, and preventive maintenance.
  2. Used equipment disassembly, reassembly, and placement/sales of used equipment with extended warranty.
  3. Technical and Production Consulting. Our team of engineers and certified technicians, along with the expertise of our master baker, helps you select and configure bakery equipment for optimum functionality and efficiency.


Generator Rental:

In busy hurricane seasons, generators are key to preventing product loss and keeping businesses running during major power outages. We can provide our customers several options to guarantee production during these outages, so prepare in advance. Call us for more information about contracts, pricing and availability at 561-239-1167, or e-mail

The BEFORES and AFTERS of used-oven assembly:

Lenco disassembles Electrolux oven in Florida (above left)

Oven reassembled in Washington, D.C. (above right)